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”Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time.”

– Benjamin Franklin.

A Dashboard for your life

Imagine a place that connects all your life areas together: your values, beliefs, goals, people, and dreams. We’ve built it for you! MyLife gives you an amazing helicopter view of your life and helps you course-correct at any given moment.

We have assembled and structured the best practices on how to approach goal setting and life organization from the world’s leading experts, authors, coaches, and researchers. Denys Zhadanov Founder of MyLife
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Would you like a Notebook?

If you love writing on paper and you want to have all your plans and dreams in one place, this notebook is perfect for you.

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    For those who love to write by hand
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    Highest quality paper and colors
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    All your plans and dreams in one place
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    Purchased separately from the digital Framework
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  • All-in-one digital framework

    All-in-one digital framework

    Feel the magic of digital organization! MyLife is built on Notion so it is accessible on any device. You can always make changes, add new exciting goals, or insightful reflections.

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    • Reflections
  • Better understand who you are

    Better understand who you are

    Have you thought about your mission? Did you have a chance to articulate your values and principles? It might be challenging but we are here to help. MyLife walks you through best practices and guidance on how to answer these questions. Have fun rediscovering yourself!

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    Better understand who you are
  • Create an exciting vision for the future

    Create an exciting vision for the future

    Life presents an infinite number of directions that we can take. How do we choose the right one? MyLife offers a practical approach on how to discover the most exciting path and the vision. Be it “Ikigai” or “My Perfect day” concepts - the choice is yours.

  • Setting and achieving goals is fun!

    Setting and achieving goals is fun!

    We’ve created a simple yet powerful framework to set goals for each area of life. It’s easy, actionable, and measurable. You can even create habits to support your goals.

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    Better understand who you are
  • Create a step-by-step action plan

    Create a step-by-step action plan

    Focus on the most important goals that support your vision. MyLife helps you transform goals into projects with timelines and track them.

    Tip: adding an accountability partner increases your chances of achieving the goal.
  • Tap into the wisdom of the world’s experts, authors and coaches

    Tap into the wisdom of the world’s experts, authors and coaches

    MyLife offers a practical approach to life organization. We structured the world’s knowledge in this area and added a unique digital twist to it. You will go through hand-picked exercises and best practices from world-renowned experts, authors, and coaches.

  • Save 1000+ hours

    Save 1000+ hours

    We’ve spent 5 years researching self-development and growth, so you don’t have to.

  • Get guidance and support

    Get guidance and support

    You will get access to the Notion template along with a 5-week Co-pilot program. Each week you will get a new challenge to work on. You will get guidance inside the framework and through emails that contain short video explainers along with informative references on the topic.


What’s inside the framework

1. Essentials

  • Purpose
  • Vision and Mission
  • Principles and Values
  • Ideal day
  • Habits

3. Lists

  • My 100 Dreams
  • Intentions
  • My People
  • My Books
  • Reflections

2. Setting goals

  • Body
  • Mind and Energy
  • Field of activity
  • Finance
  • Personal development
  • Relationships
  • People around me
  • Happiness and joy

A practical system for personal transformation

I can’t believe how much I achieved in 2020 just because I took the time out to dream and plan with this amazing tool. - Claudia
It forced me to have the helicopter view on your life and all gave me the opportunity to be more selective in the activities I do. - Zbi
I recommended it to 25 people around me last year. - Will
Be careful! MyLife framework can change your life. It’s addictive in a good way - Alexey
Have fun and make your dreams come true!

Have fun and make your dreams come true!

Goals are important, but it’s the everyday process that we should love and embrace. This framework is here to help you do more of what you love. It’s about mastery and stretching yourself into becoming a person that is capable of achieving those goals.

About us

As an entrepreneur, I’m passionate about technology and productivity. For the past 12 years, I’ve been an executive at Readdle, a startup that focuses on building popular productivity apps. We’ve grown our startup into a profitable business with a team of 200 people, but most importantly, our productivity apps were downloaded by 180 million people. I am quoted and interviewed by TechCrunch, The New York Times, Bloomberg, Wired, USA Today, and other media when it comes to tech, apps, and productivity. Forbes has also listed me in their technology 30 under 30 lists.

But this journey wasn’t always easy. I experienced burnout and loneliness. This is why I was looking for a system that would help me. I needed a North star. For the past five years, I’ve been researching the topic of productivity, goal setting, happiness, and fulfillment. I’ve read dozens of books, talked to hundreds of successful people, and tried many methods and approaches. All of these findings created a base for the framework I was creating for myself. But now I have a much bigger vision of what this can become if we employ technology to change human behavior for good.

I believe everyone is capable of achieving their goals. For that, we have to organize our thoughts, actions, and energy into a coherent and efficient system. This is called strategy. Various methodologies, tools, and apps should help us on this journey, and I’ve assembled them all into this framework.

Last year, over 75,000 people used the first version of MyLife and we received phenomenal feedback. This year, we are taking it to the next level. Entrepreneurs, CEOs, coaches, psychologists, and existing users of this framework helped us improve it.

My passion for personal growth is transforming into something bigger than I ever could have imagined. I started this as a way to help myself to live a better life, and I’m humbled and honored that it resonates with people around me. This is bigger than me.

If all of the above resonates with you – join us on this journey.

Denys Zhadanov
Denys Zhadanov Founder of MyLife